San Diego, CA | $1.9M repurpose


+ Engineer a water intrusion solution

+ Panel replacement

+ Wall coatings

+ Waterproofing


When the client began their project of converting an outdated hospital into a school and residential dorm building, we were called in to find a solution for waterproofing the exterior of the building envelope. 

Once interior demolition was started, water intrusion and mold issues were discovered that halted construction of the project. The existing exterior envelope was built out of pre-finished fiber panels with an exposed stone aggregate finish. When standing inside the building, evidence of water intrusion at the panels was easy to see. The owner hired consultants and engineers who attempted to perform isolated, limited repairs from the interior. These measures improved the situation, but never delivered expected results. We had proposed resolutions that ownership found too costly, but after all other options failed, we were called in for the project.  


Following a thorough R&D process, MC worked with material manufacturers to develop a repair plan, and we designed special equipment to apply the coatings. 


+ Applying a three-coat silicone vapor barrier

+ Applying a finish coat system

+ Replacing exterior sealants 

+ Coordinated with other trades on site to perform the work without upsetting the schedule


We advocated a plan that not only met schedule and cost expectations but provided a long-term solution with a renewable warranty.

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